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“What is 15 Minutes to Fabulous”?

15 minutes to Fabulous is how you can narrow down the possibilities of your project with a professional design team through a 15 minute phone call.

Submit your “15 to Fab” request and photos and you will be scheduled to schedule a free 15 minute design consultation.

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How much is a design fee?

Most designs can be completed with in 3 hours that includes an initial phone consultation, an in home consultation (for Tampa area, all other areas are subject to a higher rate for travel expenses), a First Design and design modifications, drawings, Project Profiles and Scopes of Work for individual trades, and material lists.

An  initial design fee is  $499.00 but right now we are running a summer special and have a few design service openings for only $375.00

(That’s a $125.00 Savings!)

Designs that require more time than 3 hours are subject to $125 per hour rate. 

If you decide you would like us to manage your project and do the installation, we can do that too!

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