Karen Hoffman

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Karen Curry Hoffman is CEO and Designer at Curry Hoffman Design. Karen graduated magna cum laude in Interior Design from International Academy of Design in 2003. She has been a specialist at kitchen and bathroom design designing and selling more than $5,000,000 worth of her designs in Florida and California just since 2013. Originally from Orange County California she brings that breezy, easy coastal feel to her work. When she is not designing she spends time with her two boys. She was the visionary for the Art of Autism charitable event, bringing autistic children’s art to life and helping the community recognize what a true gift autism is.

“I truly love designing kitchens and bathrooms. Seeing peoples dreams come true is such an inspiration. Designing is my passion. It feels like I have a magic wand and can make people smile and love the space they are in. The ‘wow’ on their faces is such a pleasure. If all of us could just make the world a little brighter, we are all so much better off”.

“I saw an angel in marble and I set him free’ – Michelangelo

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