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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much is a Kitchen Remodel?

As you probably guessed that depends on the scope of work involved. Generally speaking the cabinetry will be the largest expense and secondly, of course, labor. That’s why an initial meeting with a designer can be so beneficial.

Question: How much is a bathroom remodel?

Even though a bathroom is smaller with less cabinetry than a kitchen, there can be more plumbing and tile work involved in a bathroom and be more labor intensive. Most people want a particular look and feel to their bathroom. With a designer you will know the possibilities within your space and budget.

Question: How long does a kitchen (or bathroom) remodel take?

This depends on the scope of the work and the materials involved. If you think of it like buying a car, there are many sizes, styles and features. Custom (most expensive) and semi-custom (less expensive) cabinetry can take 4 to 6 weeks to make as opposed to RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets which are pre-made and you can buy off the shelf. Plan on a minimum of 3-4 weeks once all materials are on the job site for an average remodel. Of course more involved projects will require more time.

Question: How much is a design fee?

An an initial design fee is $375. Most design can be completed with in 3 hours that includes an initial phone consultation, an in home consultation (for Tampa area, all other areas are subject to a higher rate for travel expenses), a First Design and design modifications, drawings, Project Profiles and Scopes of Work for individual trades, and material lists. Designs that require more time than 3 hour are subject to $125 per hour rate. If you decide you would like us to manage your project and do the installation, we can do that too!

Question: Do you provide financing for my kitchen or bathroom remodel?

No, we do not. Some of our clients have used home equity lines of credit or a credit card that offers points or air miles. Everyone deserves a nice vacation.

Question: Do you provide a General Contractor or do I have to find my own?

We have licensed reputable General Contractors that we use on a regular basis. If you have your own, that’s great. We can provide the planning and design and material lists.

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